Which Psychologist is right for you?


Psychologists have a diverse range of skills, experience and expertise.  Below are a few of the different types of psychologists you may have come across:

  • Psychologist (general registration)
  • Clinical Psychologist
  • Educational & Developmental Psychologist
  • Clinical Psychology Registrar
Other endorsements include Counselling Psychologists, Clinical Neuropsychologists, Forensic Psychologists, Health Psychologists, and Organisational and Sports and Exercise Psychologists.

For more information, see the Australian Psychological Society (APS) information on the different types of psychologistsRefer to our clinician’s page to find the right psychologist for you.

Clinical Psychologists
Specialise in the assessment, diagnosis, and treatment of mental illnesses and psychological problems. Training: 4 years general psychology + 2 years clinical + 2 years clinical supervised practice.
Educational & Developmental Psychologist
Specialise in child and adolescent development and underlying psychological educational & learning processes that influence academic achievement (e.g., motivation, attention, memory, problem-solving skills, and learning styles). They completed educational assessment and often work in special educational needs and giftedness. Training: 4 years general psychology + 2 years specialist & 2 years supervised practice.
Psychology Registrar
Have a specialty such as Clinical or Educational & Developmental Psychology and hold full psychologist registration. They are still undergoing their 2 years of supervised practice. Training: 4 years general psychology + 2 years specialist & still undergoing 2 years supervised practice.
Registered Psychologist
Have a general base psychology understanding and skills without specialist training in any particular area. Training: 4 years general psychology + 2 years supervised practice.
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